Building a strong online footprint to activate communities

Event | Digital Marketing, Creative


Following its mission to develop and research new ideas that improve the way energy is produced and consumed, Shell NL & Shell Technology Ventures wanted to create traction and high interest, while supporting entrepreneurs in the area of energy transition. To achieve this, the company launched the second edition of a start up challenge, called “New Energy Challenge”, aiming at being more creative in terms of media outreach and activation.

Challenge & Solution

Shell wanted to prove its involvement in the energy transition and radiate its commitment to open innovation and support start-ups to scale up and provide a platform to facilitate the collaboration between startup initiatives in the Netherlands.

MCI Amsterdam brought fresh ideas on the table, incorporating exciting digital elements into the media campaign in order to generate and attract the right interactions, engage the audience and yield the sought-after outcomes.


  • Followers_1 +20,000 followers on social media
  • Feedback_2 90% positive feedback
  • Radar_2 15 M online reach