Re-engaging the connections with online communities

Association Management & Consulting | Digital


The Special Libraries Association (SLA), a 100-year-old organisation of information professionals working around the globe, had set up multiple communication platforms to meet the needs of its many special interest groups. Over a number of years these platforms centralised information within these units, but with the unintended result of segmenting divisions from the general membership.

Challenge & Solution

To conduct an audit of the organisation’s communication channels, educate volunteer leaders and develop a new impactful engagement tool.

MCI USA worked with volunteer leaders to fast-track the implementation and launch of a single community engagement platform. Communities were established for each special interest group, members were able to engage across divisions through one platform, community ‘ambassadors’ were educated on the value of the platform and member profiles were connected through a variety of demographics, resulting in increased networking opportunities organisation-wide.


  • 16031_verzameling pictogrammen_annual report 1 community engagement platform
  • Contact_1 4,700 contact requests
  • Discussion_1 8,000 discussion posts
  • Sponsorship 100+ community ambassadors